Riff 1991 Riff Album CD Funk Soul Music SBK Records


Music CD Information:

Artist: Riff

Music CD: Riff

Record Label: SBK Records

Format: Album, CD

Country: US

Release: 1991

Genre: Funk/Soul

Style: Rhythm & Blues, New Jack Swing

Catalog#: K2-95828

Barcode: 077779582822

Media condition: MT, Unplayed

Cover: NM, original

Has a tiny cut mark along the side

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1: Everytime My Heart Beats

2: My Heart Is Failing Me

3: All Or Nothing

4: If You’re Serious

5: I Can’t Believe We Just Met

6: Baby Its Wonderful

7: Temporary Insanity

8: Little Girls

9: Read My Eyes

10: April’s Fool 

Additional Wiki Information: Out of Paterson, New Jersey comes one of the smoothest set of harmonies known to R&B. Composed of five layers of rhythmic soul, Riff emerged as a breakout sound as far back as high school. Anthony "Chill" Fuller, Dwayne "Stylz" Jones, Michael "Nitty Green" Best, and Stephen Capers Jr. had already been blending their vocals while attending church together. Soon to join them was classmate Kenny Kelly at Eastside High — the same one to make cinematic history. The time that group member Michael Best got stopped by the infamous Mr. Clark, and made to sing the school’s alma mater is as storied as the film itself. Asking for a delay, he gathered his vocal partners and they turned out a rendition that became a talked about, sought after regular. One so compelling it was added to the 1989 release of the film, “Lean On Me”. Strongly influenced by doo-wop the group then called themselves ‘The Playboys” as they went about honing what would become a chart-topping R&B group.

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